Media and Miscellaneous

For now, please see my full CV for outreach activities and media coverage.

Science communication


Article about science communication in today's media landscape.

Citation: Lutz, S. R., Popp, A., van Emmerik, T., Gleeson, T., Kalaugher, L., Möbius, K., Mudde, T., Walton, B., Hut, R., Savenije, H., Slater, L. J., Solcerova, A., Stoof, C. R., Zink, M. (2018) Science in today’s media landscape—challenges and lessons from hydrologists and journalists. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 22(7), 3589–3599,

Open Science


A guide to Open Science in hydrology.

Citation: Hall, C.A., Saia, S.M., Popp, A.L., Dogulu, N., Schymanski, S., Drost, N., van Emmerik T. Hut, R. (2021) A Hydrologist’s Guide to Open Science. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences,

Negative Results

Reporting negative results to stimulate experimental hydrology discussion of “The role of experimental work in hydrological sciences – insights from a community survey” - 02626667.2018.1493203.pdf

Commentary about how reporting negative results can stimulate experimental hydrology.

Citation: van Emmerik, T., Popp, A., Solcerova, A., Müller, H., Hut, R. (2018) Reporting negative results to stimulate experimental hydrology. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 1–4,