Diversity & Inclusion

The geosciences are one of the least diverse fields in STEMM. Given the continued under-representation and exclusion of historically marginalized groups, I advocate for a more diverse and equitable geoscience community. To raise awareness and empower individuals, I have organized several workshops on topics such as bystander intervention, gender equality and discriminatory work environments at the departmental level and at larger conferences such as the EGU GA. I have also written articles and blog posts on equity topics in the geosciences (please see below) and I am an active member of the EGU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee.


Popp, A. L.*; Lutz, S. R.*; Khatami, S.; van Emmerik, T. H. M.; Knoben, W. J. M. (2019) A global survey on the perceptions and impacts of gender inequality in the earth and space sciences, Earth and Space Science, 6(8), 1460-1468, doi:10.1029/2019EA000706 (among the top 10% most downloaded papers in 2019)

*shared first-authorship


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GeoLog | How to EGU22 Help us ensure a safe and inclusive EGU22!.pdf

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Hydrological Sciences | The Young Hydrologic Society Stands Against Racism.pdf

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